Monday, July 2, 2007

What's with the Credit Unions?

After living for basically the last 15 years in Florida, and using their lovely network of Credit Unions, I'm aghast at how provicial the Credit Union ATM system seems to be here. Fo far, I haven't encountered any that are linked.

This means that I am charged a service fee at any credit union's atm other than my own, which is not located in Northern KY and is a royal pain in my neck to drive all the way to just to get 20 bucks.

The only Credit Union that seems to be in the year 2007 is CHACO. Last time I checked, they participate in Credit Union 24. Too bad, because nobody else around here does! The good news I guess, is that if you bank with them, then when you're on vacation anywhere in FL, you can get money at any credit union ATM and not be charged.

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