Monday, October 15, 2007

Best Playground Around

My family and I spent the afternoon yesterday at Sawyer Point. Situated under the yellow bridge that connects Cincinnati to Newport, the playground has a great view of the river, is enclosed by a fence (to keep wandering tots in), and has a floor "carpet" made of recycled tires- very squishy and forgiving to any falls.

There are 2 main playgrounds, one of which looks like a castle or fort, the other which is more of a normal modern-day playground made of metal. There is an abundance of swings on both play areas, a big plus for my kids! It seems that a lot of the playgrounds we visit these days have very few swings(???). My kids particularly enjoyed riding the tire swing. Three kids get on it and can swing themselves in circles forever! It was so wild I couldn't watch!

Bring your match box cars, volley ball, and beach toys. There is a match box car race track on the fort playground (you must provide your own cars), and a hudge sand pit with volley ball nets. My 2 preschoolers love to sit in the sand and play.

There is a restroom right near the playground, but sometimes it's closed, for no apparent reason. We were lucky yesterday that it was open!

For extended fun tote along a picnic lunch. There is plenty of lovely green grass where you can sit and eat. There is a concession stand, however it is NEVER open when we go there! Ever!

If you get hungry and didn't plan for picnicing, walk to the left of the bridge-towards Ohio not towards Indiana- (beside the outdoor skating rink!) and there is the Montgomery Inn Boathouse, famous for their BBQ ribs. For non-pork-eating folks like myself there is also plenty on the menu that is absolutely delicious.

I always heard that Bob Hope used to have their ribs flown to him he liked them so much. Oh and yes, the Skating Rink is open April-October and is very very cheap. $1 entry and $1 skate rental.


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