Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Family Farmer Fights Monsanto

The following exerpt is from Nelson Farm.Net

Roger Nelson, grew up on a farm and went out on his own to begin share-renting farmland in 1961. Today, Roger is farming with his two sons, Rodney and Greg. Although now the family is buying some farmland, most is still rented. Landlords have sought out the Nelsons as tenants of their land because the Nelsons have had a reputation of meticulous farming practices and of being trustworthy, honest tenants. That reputation is now being tarnished as Monsanto is accusing the Nelsons of being thieves of their genetically modified soybeans (roundup ready soybeans). Monsanto is further spreading rumors of the Nelson's guilt as they prepare their lawsuit in hopes of extracting possibly millions of dollars from the Nelson family of which they don't have. "Our wives all have jobs," said Rodney Nelson, "farming doesn't pay all the bills anymore. The legal bills defending ourselves and other expenses incurred are becoming overbearing. We feel we must continue to fight Monsanto on the principles of our innocence. Our children will live with the ramifications of this lawsuit-it's not just us."

Take action here with Millions against Monsanto.

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