Saturday, March 3, 2007

Friction in Frisch's

My family and I went to eat in a nearby Frisch's the other night.

I noticed right away a table of, um, young men sitting near us, but thought nothing of them.

For some reason they felt the need to make obscene noises at me while I walked by them.

How totally annoying!

I went and told my husband, he was like "never mind"...not worth getting into a fight for I guess.

The manager of the place wanted to know who it was, I was like no, they're just a bunch of boys that need to learn how to be men and grow up... she was like, well but I want to make sure my customers are all happy (meaning I was being harrassed and she wanted to go confront them)..I told her not to give them the satisfaction of knowing I was upset and left.

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